Alters Bioscience Consulting is an efficient and cost-effective source of expertise providing services in preclinical & translational drug development; strategic planning & project assessment; and scientific, medical & corporate writing.

Our experience spans a wide range of:


Preclinical / Translational Drug Development

Alters Bioscience Consulting has advanced therapeutic agents from basic research through lead selection, optimization, preclinical/translational development, IND-enabling studies, and Phase I clinical trials.

Scientific, Medical & Corporate Writing

Alters Bioscience Consulting has assisted our clients with scientific/medical/corporate writing and communication. We have over two-hundred study reports, INDs, investigator brochures, publications, grants, and patents to our credit.

Strategic Planning & Project Assessment

Alters Bioscience Consulting has worked with our clients to select and optimize their product portfolio for internal development, perform due-diligence on available agents for in-licensing or partnership, and create and present information for potential spinouts or investors.